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Powder Post Beetles

These beetles infest floors, furniture, hardwood paneling, and other wood materials. Although they prefer hardwood, powder post beetles also will attack softwood. Another example of wood destroying beetles is the old house borer. A group of insects known as the "longhorned” beetles. Despite of their name, old house borers actually infest wood less than 10 years of age and can cause serious cosmetic, as well as structural, damage. As you may have heard about termite problems, and how they can cause hundreds of millions of dollars of damage to the U.S. homes each year. As well powder post beetles are considered the second in importance to termites as wood-destroying insects, but not here in the Northeast. Although these beetles attack only bare wood materials, finished wood products can also be infested as the infestation may occur before applying finish materials or even before the wood is seasoned. Typical damage of powder post beetles can vary from unpleasant holes in a wood surface to significant wood destruction. Similar to termites, severe infestations of powder post beetles can cause the homeowners to spend thousands of dollars in repair costs. But unfortunately, their damage is not usually detected until people start to see fine sawdust particles and small exit holes where adult beetles have emerged.