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Commercial Building Inspections

Although the name of the company includes Home Inspection, we have quite a bit of experience doing commercial inspections. A commercial inspection is any multi-family dwelling with more than 4 units, any mixed use building with apartments and store fronts, or any building used to run a business. This can include warehouses, office buildings, restaurants, store fronts, and many other types of buildings.

As with our home inspections, commercial inspections are performed by Jamie Schaefer, or by Spencer Guttenberg, who has gone through extensive training alongside Jamie. There may be occasions where we bring in experts to help us with the inspection, but the report writing and all of the data collected will be done by Jamie or Spencer.

If we can answer any questions regarding your commercial inspection, please call or text message Jamie at 516-398-4525, or send and email to jamie@jamieschaefer.com.